What makes us different

Why Choose Clearly Canola

Clearly Canola wants you to eat healthy and better without you worrying about sacrificing. We are here to improve your lifestyle!

Enjoy the quality and freshness of Clearly Canola cooking spray as you pan fry, bake or roast without ordinary shortening, butter, margarine, cooking oil or grease. Foods won’t stick on pan – serving is easy and so is clean-up.

Ideal for use on: griddles, waffle irons, moulds, microwave cooking, barbecue grills, frying pans, baking pans, roasters and all utensils and casseroles.


Zero Trans-Fat

With Canola Oil, you can enjoy cooking without worrying about those sneaky trans-fats that come in some other oils.

Cholesterol Free

No more counting, just enjoy what you eat.

Sodium Free

Healthier, better and the right choice.

No Water or Fillers added

We offer honest products with no soy fillers or water added. You pay for oil, and you shall get oil!

High Smoke Point

Very high baking temperature resistance or smoke point. 468 F (262 C), the highest in the market!

No Chemicals

None of those common harmful chemicals such as propylene glycol are found in Clearly Canola.

No Artificial Flavours

What you taste is pure oil and will not change the natural flavours of your foods.

Contains Natural-based Lecithin

Extracted from plants, it promotes the emulsification and stabilization of the cooking oils in the spray.

Leaves less residue, thus less cleanning

Perfect partner for grilling, frying or baking. It will not burn pans or leave carbon residue.

Ozone Friendly

No CFCs: We only use a hydrocarbon propellant that is ozone-friendly and food-safe.

Quality Guarantee

Exchange program or money back if not 100% satisfied. We guarantee the quality of our products!

Product Comparison

Below you can download our comparison chart to see what makes Clearly Canola different from other non-stick cooking sprays.

Dedicated Team

We are a dedicated team who tries to provide you the best possible service.

Customer Friendly

We are always happy to hear from you, so please let us know your opinions!

100% Satisfaction

We strive to provide customers 100% satisfaction in our product!

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