Clearly your
number one choice.

NEW Premium Certified Non-GMO & Allergen Free Spray - available soon!

Zero Trans-Fat

Now you can enjoy cooking without worrying.

Cholesterol Free

No more counting, just enjoy what you eat.

Sodium Free

Healthier, better and the right choice.

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What our customers have to say

Pure Canola.


Clearly Canola is the best choice for healthy eating with Zero Trans Fat, Cholesterol Free and Sodium Free..

No Fillers

Pure oil, no soy based foam fillers or water added. We only offer honest products, and you get pure oil in each can, that is what you are paying for.

No Chemicals

No harmful chemicals are found in Clearly Canola and a clean ingredient deck.

No Artificial Flavours

What you taste is pure and won’t change the taste profile of your cooked products.

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